Prostitutes at the metro Lomonosovskaya

  • +7 (921) 893-47-92 Lomonosovskaya
    Age: 24
    Height: 170
    Weight: 60
    Breast: 3
    Hour: 2000
    Two hours: 3500
    Night: 13000
    With me you can experiment with vivid sex. I can please you with new manipulations. Come and enjoy.
  • +7 (921) 982-42-30 Lomonosovskaya
    Age: 20
    Height: 168
    Weight: 53
    Breast: 2
    Hour: 2000
    Two hours: 3500
    Night: 13000
    Beautiful and sexy appearance. New emotions from sex. Complete debauchery. I will prove to you th...

Beautiful and sweet girl ready to bring his client only the most sincere and professional sexual services that can fully satisfy his wishes. Experienced fairies are working in the area of m. Lomonosov and serve every customer. They do not have any difficulties they are ready to satisfy any customer, to carry out his wishes and lift the mood for the whole day.


You can pick out any option to your taste girl, as a variety of profiles allows customers to sort out prostitutes. In the questionnaire, each fairy in addition services still presents erotic photos, allowing the client to get acquainted with external data and figure girls. For some men, it is an integral part of an aesthetically beautiful sexual act. You can be sure that all the information provided in the questionnaire of each young lady is true.


Ladies Services


The list of services to satisfy the needs of every man. Whore are ready to provide the following types:


  • Role playing at the time of sex.
  • Group, anal sex.
  • Oral classic and deep.
  • Escort, photos to customers.
  • Extreme.
  • Different versions of BDSM.
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