The best sexual poses for the real athletes


Sexual poses for athletesThe real man has to visit the gym. It is good if not just from time to time, and according to the established systematic schedule. But often realization of the present possibility can be difficult - a lot of time is taken away by work and a family.


Anyway, sports activities have to be present at life of each man respecting himself, it will help not only to win fights, but also to surprise the partner with really improbable sexual poses which in power only to real "muscleman". Today we will consider what poses are suitable for "tough nuts".


Poses for the strongest


  1. The first pose - "a love swing"

    The man lays down on a back, being at the same time on a floor. At the same time legs need to be bent in knees, a foot to arrange on a floor, and to raise hips up. At the same time the partner sits down from above. This pose demands enough rolled muscles of a back and legs therefore do not try this pose if the gym - not your elements.

  2. The second pose - "support"

    The man holds the woman for buttocks in a position standing on hands. She, in turn, clasps him with legs. In this pose it is difficult to keep long - the man needs sufficient skill of stability, in fact, with a double weight.

  3. Third pose - "plough"

    In this pose the girl stands with the placed legs, and the man enters her behind. Further she carries out an inclination and establishes hands on a floor - the man has to hold her by a waist at this time that the partner did not lose balance. After that the girl raises legs and clasps with them the partner's hips. Such pose will suit the men who do not have the big sizes of a penis.

  4. The fourth pose - "dolphin"

    In this pose the girl lies on a back and plants the feet against a breast to the partner. The man stands on knees and enters her. The woman raises hips up, at the same time resting an upper back against a bed.

    From this position to the man all delights of legs of the partner open, and he can entirely admire them during process of a coition. Also this position is preferable at desire to stimulate G point.

  5. The fifth pose - "amazon"

    The woman sits down on a reverse side of hips of the man, and he, in turn, presses legs to the stomach. This pose, generally, does not assume presence of big physical force at the man - enough only to be capable to maintain the weight of the partner on the body.

    The sixth pose - "the return missionary position"

    Everything is very simple: the man's legs - at the girl's head, the girl's head - at the man's legs. Both place legs and "connect" genitals in the necessary place.

    In this pose it will be a little unusual to both partners because of absolutely other angle of penetration, especially if before they had sex only in a classical missionary position. It is important to man to control process and, in case of need, to correct a corner and depth of penetration.

  6. The seventh pose - "crossing"

    Not too convenient pose for occupations by sex, but will be suitable for introduction of a variety as it is impossible by the way. Both partners lay down sideways and cross legs. The man enters the partner, forming at the same time the letter "X" of both bodies.

  7. Eighth pose - "grasp"

    The girl - on a back, with a put leg on a shoulder of the partner who is kneeling. Clasps with other leg a hip. For convenience under a back of the partner it is possible to put something soft.

  8. Ninth pose - "inclination"

    The woman sits down on the partner who lies on a back. The girl's face has to be near the partner's foot. Both part legs. After the man will carry out penetration, the girl can bend down to a condition of parallelism of both bodies.

  9. The tenth pose - "full contact"

    The beginning, as in the fourth pose - "dolphin". The woman lays down on a back, showering legs on a breast to the man. The partner kneels and enters the partner. The main difference - here the girl crosses legs around anklebones. It brings much more notable impressions of sex, any movement of the partner is perceived more distinct.

  10. The eleventh pose - "rapprochement"

    The man and the woman sit down the face to each other. The girl showers the legs on shoulders to the partner. The man deviates a little back and enters the partner, without forgetting to correct the angle of penetration at the same time periodically.

  11. The twelfth pose - "aerobatics"

    Each of partners holds position "gait of a crab". In other words, both the man, and the woman have all four extremities on a floor, and stomachs lift up. The girl lifts area of a basin, and the man enters her.


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